Founded in 1918

Offering high-quality wood products since 1918

Timber Products has sustained a tremendous rate of growth for more than nine decades. We're now one of the nation’s most diversified manufacturing resources for the highest-quality wood products.


  • Timber Products Company founded by John Tomlin

    Historical photo of Timber Products Company

    John Tomlin started the Tomlin Box Company in 1918 and manufactured wooden boxes to hold agricultural products. He changed his company’s name to Timber Products Company in 1930 and transformed the firm into a sawmill, processing mostly pine lumber.

  • First veneer and plywood plants opened

    Historical photo of Medford, OR facility

    Timber Products constructed a veneer plant and a plywood plant in Medford, Oregon. In 1949, Wil Gonyea purchased Umpqua Plywood with Jay Pritzker and the Pritzker family, a partnership that has lasted more than 60 years in various business ventures, involving four generations of Gonyeas and three generations of Pritzkers.

  • Trucking division founded

  • Particle board plant established in Medford, Oregon

  • Softwood veneer plant acquired from Georgia Pacific in Yreka, California

  • Timber Products acquired Spectrum from Medford Corporation

  • First hardwood plywood company certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative

  • Gonyeas purchased Timber Products Company from remaining partners

  • MCTC founded

    Gonyeas purchased Michigan-California Lumber Company with 114,000 acres in Northern California and re-named the company Michigan-California Timber Company (MCTC)

  • Particle board plant acquired from Sierra Pine in Martell, California