Company Mission

Choice, quality, sustainability, safety

  • Veneer sheets being flattened at a local manufacturing facility

Wood products aren't the only offering we're known for

Timber Products defines choice, quality, and sustainability. Our commitment to innovative manufacturing solutions leads to greater efficiency, less waste, and more beautiful products.

We believe it should be simple and easy to find the right products. That’s why our customers are also our partners—we work with you to select the best product for your needs.

Timber Products operates its businesses safely, using a renewable resource that must be managed responsibly. We implement year-round sustainability initiatives to ensure abundant and healthy forests remain for future generations.

Our Values

  • Small tree being cared for

    Environmental Stewardship

    Our commitment to healthy forests starts from the ground up. Every year, we plant and manage 400,000 trees in addition to protecting wildlife and water quality.

  • Log processing at a Timber Products manufacturing facility

    Manufacturing Excellence

    As a fully integrated company with extensive resources, we control the quality of each product from start to finish. This means you have access to a full line of cost-effective, high-quality products from one convenient source.

  • Bonds being built at a Timber Products meeting

    Customer Partnerships

    Your success is our priority. We're your partner every step of the way, offering innovative solutions and custom products made to your specifications.

Our Approach

How We Work
  • Working with everyone, from professional foresters to fishery managers, to ensure healthy forestlands
  • Improving manufacturing processes, including safety, to create cost-effective, quality products
  • Delivering products and seeing them through to final installation

Timber Products has sustained a tremendous rate of growth for over ten decades. We owe this success to our fully integrated approach to the manufacturing process.

We grow our trees on our own forestlands with the help of the best experts from various disciplines, including wildlife biology and road management. From there, we harvest the timber and bring it to our own mills where we constantly develop new ways to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of our manufacturing processes.

Ultimately, we create the high-quality wood products you deserve, working with you all the way until final delivery.

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