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Timber Products is one of the most diversified companies in the wood products industry, with 10 fully integrated manufacturing locations across the nation. This integration ensures tight quality control, as well as our commitment to responsible practices in every aspect of creating our products.

Company Initiatives

  • March 1st, 2012: Timber Products Company Accepted Into CPA's Eco-Certified Composite Sustainability Standard

    Trade group recognizes Timber Products for demonstrating a strong public commitment to the sustainable use of wood fiber and to environmental stewardship

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Keeping with its company-wide commitment to environmental responsibility, Timber Products Company has been accepted into the Composite Panel Association’s (CPA) Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Sustainability Standard for particleboard at its Medford, Ore., facility.

    One of the first companies accepted into the CPA program, Timber Products was recognized for demonstrating a strong public commitment to the sustainable use of wood fiber and to environmental stewardship generally.

    "From the tree to the final product, every step that we take to manufacture our particleboard panels is done with sustainability in mind,” said Timber Products Vice President Roger Rutan. “We’re excited to be recognized by the CPA for our long-standing environmental efforts and know this program will help our customers better understand that Timber Products particleboard is second to none for certifications and sustainability."

    The core requirements of ECC Certification include:

    • Prerequisite adherence to the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products;
    • Meeting at least three of the following ECC requirements as specified in the Standard: Carbon Footprint, Local and Renewable Resource, Recycled/Recovered, Sustainability, Wood Sourcing; and
    • Agreeing to all terms of certification, including ongoing annual onsite audits.

    The CPA designation is the latest in a long line of environmental certifications achieved by Timber Products Company. Others include recognition by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Product News

  • April 19th, 2012: Timber Products Company's Radiant Barrier Foil Panel Tops Builder Magazine's 2011 Favorite 50 Product List

    Selected by readers as most interesting building product of the year

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – The readers of BUILDER Magazine have spoken, and said that Timber Products’ radiant barrier foil softwood plywood panel was their favorite new building product introduced in 2011.

    The Builder Favorite 50, released in the magazine’s April 2012 issue, is an annual compilation of subscriber’s product preferences. The list is compiled each year by the magazine’s editorial team from reader service responses that detail product preferences across the market. The barrier panels received more inquiries than any other editorial/product mention in BUILDER last year.

    "Energy efficiency is a priority for many homebuilders today and a quality roofing panel that is pre-wrapped in foil helps set the foundation for an energy-saving home,” said Roger Rutan, Vice President of Timber Products Company. “We are thrilled that the readers of BUILDER Magazine responded so well to our panels and that they are looking for products that help them build environmentally conscious homes."

    Introduced in mid-2011, Timber Products Company’s radiant barrier foil softwood plywood panels are designed specifically for roof construction. The panels help reduce attic temperatures and can significantly contribute to lower monthly utility costs.

    The radiant barrier structural panels contribute to energy efficient roof construction and let contractors focus on quality installation rather than spend time applying foil to the structure. They are easy to use on the job site because the veneer core allows for custom cutting to fit specific dimensions.

    The pre-applied foil wrap on the structural softwood plywood panels acts as a barrier that blocks 97 percent of radiant heat. Unlike regular insulation, the panels reflect heat rather than absorb it, so they reduce both unwanted heat gain in the summer and expensive heat loss in the winter.

    As a result, homeowners can expect attic temperatures of up to 30 degrees cooler than normal in warm weather months and lower monthly energy costs all year long.

    Designed specifically for warm weather climates such as California and the Sun Belt states, the radiant barrier foil panels are available nationwide through building material distributors.

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