10 Unique Ways to Use Hardwood Plywood

Think you know plywood? Many people are surprised to learn this versatile material can be used to make boats, furniture, and even airplanes. Here are 10 unique ways to utilize plywood:


1. Boats

Small boats such as canoes, dinghies, kayaks and skiffs can be made from plywood using a technique known as “stitch and glue.” Plywood boat sections are first stitched together with wire or cable ties. Next, an epoxy resin is applied. After the epoxy sets, the stitches are removed and the seams are reinforced with fiberglass cloth or thickened epoxy.

2. Outdoor Decks

Marine plywood can be used in place of traditional boards in deck and patio construction. Made with the highest-quality veneer and special adhesive, marine-grade plywood can stand up to the elements.

3. Furniture

Using a CNC machine or other woodworking tools, artisans and major manufacturers alike can create tables, chairs, stools, shelving, etc. from plywood. The designs range from basic to elaborate.

4. Topographical Maps

Using satellite data and a CNC machine, 3Dwoodenmaps.com transforms birch plywood into beautiful, 3D maps.

5. Wall Art

Vinyl decals, acrylic paint and masking tape are just a few ways artists create attractive wall art from plain plywood. Find inspiration here.

6. RV Interiors

Light and simple 1/8″ birch veneer panels can bring a fresh look to an older RV. For a more upscale look, choose an exotic wood. View hardwood veneer options.

7. Writing Pens

SpectraPly pen blanks are a combination of birch veneer laminated with colored wood from around the world. The swirling colors and other elements added by the woodturner ensure each pen is as unique as its owner.

8. WWII Fighter Plane

During WWII, the de Havilland aircraft company made more than 7,700 WWII fighter planes out of molded plywood. Light and fast, the de Havilland Mosquito flew in reconnaissance missions and bombing raids. Learn more about the de Havilland Mosquito.

9. Cars

During the 1960’s, British car company Marcos used marine plywood for the chassis of their sports cars. Fast forward to 2012, Aston University students build a hydrogen-powered car out of plywood and cardboard. View photos of their award-winning car, or read about the design competition.

10. Coasters, Wine Carriers, Boxes

Using a laser machine and imagination, clever designers create familiar household and desk items out of plywood including toys, puzzles, jewelry boxes, dollhouses, etc. Here are just a few examples.

At Timber Products Company, we have plywood products for just about any project. We offer a wide range of veneers, from common domestic species to hard-to-find, responsibly-sourced exotics. Panels can be customized by length, width and number of plies. We can also add a UV coating, beading and offer custom cutting and machining.

Find a local Timber Products distributor, or contact a sales representative on our website.

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