100 Years - Memories from the Timber Products Family

It’s hard to believe, but as of 2018, Timber Products has officially been offering high-quality wood products to our customers for 100 years—an entire century of service. In honor of this monumental anniversary, we decided to look back at the Timber Products legacy—and share some of the memories we’ve collected over the years from the Timber Products family.

Timber products company

Timber Products: A History

Founded in 1918 by John Tomlin, our company was originally called Tomlin Box Company and specialized in manufacturing wooden boxes for agricultural use. Tomlin changed the company name to Timber Products Company in 1930 and shifted the focus towards processing lumber.

Throughout the rest of the 20th century, Timber Products continued to grow, opening veneer and plywood plants, launching a trucking division, and acquiring multiple companies (including Umpqua Plywood in 1949, which lead to a long-term partnership between Tomlin and the Pritzker family).

Over the years, Timber Products Company has continued to expand, including an affiliation with the Michigan-California Timber Company and their 114,000+ acres of timberland in Northern California.

What would you like to see from Timber Products in the next 100 years?

100 years of service is an accomplishment—but we’re already looking towards how we can continue to grow and improve over the next 100 years. We asked our team what they’d like to see from our company in the next century. Here’s what they had to say:

“Continue to move forward and embrace technology to improve processes, quality, and business decisions.”

Ryan Sankey, Enterprise Applications Manager, 13 years with Timber Products

“Continue diversification into more value-added assets.”

Terry Velasco, Ampine PB General Manager, 27 years with Timber Products

“I would hope that our workforce obstacles improve over the next 100 years and that people still have an eye and craving for the look of natural wood products.”

Nick LaFord, Sawmill Manager, 19 years with Timber Products

“Ability to be competitive in the market, having the best quality in the industry, and provide the best service with our tenured employees.”

Amanda Zink, Inside Sales Representative, 12 years with Timber Products

“Great people, great company!”

Davis Edwards, National Sales Manager, 17 years with Timber Products

“TP is truly a great company to work for. The other employees are like family. You can have a bright future at Timber Products!”

Devin White, Sawyer, 3 years with Timber Products


Thank you to all those involved above, as well as those that didn’t speak up. Our Timber Products family will move us through the next 100 years!

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