3 Ways Wood Can Relieve Everyday Stress

We already know that wood is good for a lot of things, like creating furniture or building a fire on a cold day. But did you know that wood can also help you de-stress and become calmer in your daily life?

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We live in a hectic world, and if we want to stay balanced (and sane!), it is important to find ways to relieve those everyday stressors that threaten our sense of peace and well-being. And wood can help!

Here are three ways wood therapy can help you let go of stress and feel calmer, happier and more centered:

“Forest bathing” can lower stress hormones

Next time you are feeling stressed out, take a bath. And we are not talking about filling a bathtub with bubbles and soaking in hot water - we are talking about heading into the forest and soaking up some trees. 

“Forest bathing,” which is the practice of spending mindful time in nature, is a cornerstone of Japanese health practices that have recently become popular in the US. People across the country are heading into the timberlands to find relief from their stress - and it is working. Studies show that spending mindful time in the forest (surrounded by trees) can actually lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Woodworking can make you feel less stressed

Another way wood can help relieve stress is a little more hands-on.

Woodworking (or using our hands to manipulate and work with wood) can have serious stress-relieving benefits thanks to something called the “flow” state.

When we are fully engaged in an activity - particularly a creative, hands-on activity like woodworking - it helps us to let go of anxious thoughts and worries. The benefits of “flow” state for people who engage in crafty activities like woodworking are similar to those of meditation, with practitioners experiencing lower stress levels and an increased sense of well-being.

Just being around wood can be de-stressing

Turns out even being in the presence of wood - whether in the form of a tree or a piece of furniture - can help relieve stress. Recent studies show that environments that contain wooden structures can have an immediate calming effect, causing a drop in blood pressure and pulse.

If you find yourself feeling stressed out, all you need is a little wood to find your calm. We here at Timber Products Company hope you can find less stress in 2018 with these three tips!

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