4 Reasons Architectural Plywood is the Right Choice for Any Project

These days, architectural plywood can be used for virtually any application. In fact, a number of architects are turning to plywood as the statement material of choice, like the Mount Fuji Architects Studio's Tree House and the Melbourne School of Design’s soaring plywood-clad classrooms.

Here at Timber Products Company, we produce architectural hardwood plywood that balances strength with visual appeal and can meet most any project needs. But you might want to consider these additional reasons to source architectural plywood.

Architectural plywood

You Have Many Options

Selecting the right hardwood plywood is as simple as choosing the properties you want from the core and pairing it with virtually any aesthetic from your veneer. Whether you want to mimic the exotic grains of zebrawood, teak or claro walnut, or take a more traditional approach, plywood can meet the demand. For example, we are able to supply veneers from more than 200 species of wood.

You Know Exactly What You’re Getting

With the quality ratings established by the Decorative Hardwood Association (DHA)—ranging from AA to E for the face, and 1 to 5 for the back—you can easily determine the quality of the product you’re purchasing. This predictable rating format can help you get the right properties, whether you want a low-cost option able to support a great deal of weight or are willing to spend a bit more for a beautiful aesthetic.

It Can Stand Up to Whatever You Throw Down

Plywood can, and has, been used for virtually every part of a building—from floors and stairs to cabinetry and shelving to roof trusses and ceilings. Architects embracing the easy-to-match aesthetics of architectural plywood have found that it can be used in a surprising range of structural and decorative applications. Timber Products’ architectural plywood with Pro-Core MDF core, for example, is able to deliver a balance of strength at a light weight that makes it suitable for a wide range of unique applications. 

It is Comparatively Inexpensive

Architectural plywood lets you value-engineer a project to work within specific budgetary constraints. If you’re seeking an exotic look over a broad surface, architectural plywood allows you to get the look you want for less than the cost of an exotic hardwood. What’s more, when working with an architectural plywood from Timber Products Company, products are environmentally certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. In other words, there’s no sacrificing on quality or sustainability to achieve cost savings.

Interested in architectural plywood but have more questions? Don't worry! There is so much more to architectural plywood than we have mentioned here! To find out more, reach out to an expert!

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