A Wood’s Journey II - Hardwood Maple

Elegant, strong and beautiful, maple trees are the king of hardwoods. The wood is almost completely free of grain patterns and ranks at the top of the hardness scale. Maple resists abrasion, has a consistent grain pattern and is ideal for staining. Because of these properties, maple makes one of the best hardwood flooring surfaces, and maple veneer is the superior choice for cabinets, doors or any application that requires aesthetic appeal and durability.


Timber Products Company is known as the “Maple King” due to the exceptionally light and consistent color of our product. We start with exquisite maple logs and take extra time and care to maintain their pristine color throughout the drying process. Our slow-drying method and strict quality control ensure our maple products are free of defects and sticker shadow.

Each piece of hardwood veneer is carefully examined over a light table to amplify defects. Our experts take pride in delivering products with rich character, grade and appearance.

Using our rotary lathe specifically designed for maple logs, we produce a multi-patterned grain veneer by turning the wood at a slight angle. In addition to rotary cuts, we offer quarter slicing, rift cuts and flat or plain slicing. Our Crossmaster splicing equipment allows us to accommodate customer requests for custom splicing in addition to book matched, slip matched, pleasing matched and mismatched.

Timber Products Company manufactures hardwood plywood using real wood veneers, and TSCA Title VI compliant resins. Customers can choose from ultra-low UF (urea formaldehyde) resin glue, or an NAF resin (no added formaldehyde).

Our hardwood lumber facility in Munising, Michigan produces approximately 300,000 square feet of maple and other hardwood veneers annually. Located on the southern shore of Lake Superior, our state-of-the-art mill manufactures maple plywood sheets and veneer for high-quality faces and backs for cabinetry and furniture. Other applications include door skins, curved and cut-to-size applications, wall panels, counter fronts, flooring, edgebanding and even drum shells.

The strong and enduring maple creates stunning veneers for a variety of applications. To learn more about Timber Products Company hardwood maple veneers, maple plywood, or any of our other sustainable building products, contact one of our product experts.

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