Affiliate Spotlight - Composite Panel Association

At Timber Products Company, we owe a huge part of our success to our network of partners and affiliates. This quarter, we want to recognize the Composite Panel Association (CPA), an association representing the North American composite industry on technical, regulatory, quality assurance and acceptance issues.


The Composite Panel Association was founded in 1960 and consists of both composite panel manufacturers (including 30 of the leading manufacturers of fiberboard, particle board, and hardboard in North America) and other businesses affiliated with the composite panel industry (including distributors, suppliers, laminators and manufacturers of furniture and decorative surfaces).

The Composite Panel Association acts as an indispensable resource to businesses and professionals within the composite panel industry by providing a number of services to advance the industry—and one of those services is their bi-annual conference. Twice a year, the CPA sponsors large-scale meetings for its membership that feature well-known industry speakers and offer a variety of educational workshops. These events bring together industry leaders to network, raise awareness for their products and services, and to develop policies and programs to elevate the industry.

The CPA is an approved provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the American Institute of Architects and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council. It offers members opportunities to earn CEUs across a number of categories, including Health, Safety and Welfare. The CPA publishes industry performance data and technical information as a way to make key information more accessible to the industry.

In addition to education, the Composite Panel Association is heavily involved in regulatory measures, writing and publishing industry product standards as well as offering third-party certification programs. One of their most recognizable third-party certification programs is the Eco-Certified Composite™ Standard, which assesses the carbon footprint of composite wood panels by focusing on verifiable environmental practices and highlights responsible manufacturing within the composite panel industry.

The Composite Particle Association offers a wide variety of testing and auditing services through their International Testing and Certification Center, a certified formaldehyde testing laboratory that ensures companies are in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict policies on TSCA Title VI formaldehyde emissions.

Timber Products Company is a proud member of the CPA and appreciates the value this incredible organization brings to the composite panel industry.

Learn more about the Composite Panel Association here.

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