Affiliate Spotlight: North American Building Distribution Association

We want to honor the North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA), a trade association representing wholesale distributors of surfacing materials, wood panels, cabinet hardware, finishes and other related products.

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NBMDA was founded in 1952 as the National Building Material Distributor Association in Chicago, Illinois to meet the needs of distributors in the building materials space. After consolidating with the Canadian National Building Material Distributors Association (CNBMDA) in 1994, the association made the shift to being known professionally as NBMDA.

Each year, NBMDA partners with the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD) to put on their annual convention. The event, which launched in 2010, is one of the most highly anticipated in the industry and gathers over 800 distribution professionals from the US and Canada’s top flooring and building distribution companies.

NBMDA is also committed to education within the building material distribution industry. In 1987, NBMDA launched their Education Foundation, which provides funding to support the industry’s need for additional training at any timber company, timber facility or other organizations. NBMDA’s Education Foundation continues to develop modern and cost-effective educational solutions to support workers throughout North America. In addition, it is a sponsoring association of the University of Innovative Distribution, an educational program that has been serving the supply chain for 25 years by focusing on the unique needs of the wholesale distribution industry.

In addition to providing education for the entire industry, NBMDA also places an emphasis on educating its members. In 2017, NBMDA deepened their partnership with The Cleveland Research Institute to provide in-depth research reports through the NBMDA Research Center. These research reports, which cover such topics as residential homebuilding updates, digital advertising/e-commerce trends and transportation insights and trends, are exclusive to members and aim to provide them with the information they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Timber Products Company is a proud member of the North American Building Material Distribution Association and appreciates the value this incredible organization brings to the building materials distribution and timber industries.

Learn more about the NBMDA.

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