Customer Experience is Just as Vital as Making the Sale

The sales approach is a critical moment in creating a positive customer experience. When Timber Products Company processes our hardwood plywood panels, it does so with the understanding that our customers want a sustainably-produced panel made with detailed attention to quality control.

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To maintain a quality relationship with customers, it's important to follow these five steps to shape your sales process:

Embrace the Experience as a Differentiator

Customer experience has taken the lead in sales because it can be leveraged to build loyalty. There are many competitive alternatives to every product, so customers see the cost of switching between companies as too low of a cost to matter. If a customer lands on your website and has the ability to easily move about your product catalog, get the necessary information they require seamlessly, and communicate with a salesperson quickly, you will have a leg up on your competition.

Know Your Touchpoints

Rarely is the salesperson the first introduction to a company anymore, so it is important to develop touchpoints that resonate with your target audience. For example, when Timber Products introduced our new website last summer, the focus on a scalable, mobile-friendly design was crucial to creating a positive customer experience. Since this change, We have noticed an increase in mobile traffic by 57% year over year. Websites that don’t create a usable mobile experience as a touchpoint may miss an opportunity to create a lasting and memorable experience for mobile customers.

Get Inside the Customer’s Head

Through observation and by asking questions, you can better understand your customer’s needs as well as what problems they are trying to solve. It is crucial that you are an active listener: concentrate on what your contact is saying, ask follow-up questions, and take notes that will help you to follow-through on what you have learned.

Add Real Value

Don't focus on selling. The sales experience should focus on problems and the best solutions to those problems -- whether or not they are advantageous to your company. Nick Hedges, CEO of the widely-used sales software Velocify, recommends this technique: “For every sale I’ve made, I’ve found a way to offer customers some piece of insight that is disadvantageous to myself, so they know that I have their interests at heart. This could be as simple as letting them know they don’t need that extra product or service or pointing out something about my competitor’s solution that is better than mine.”

Keep it Consistent

Make sure your sales approach does, in fact, reflect your company's value. If you pride yourself on the follow-through, make sure customer service is providing the expected experience. Maintain contact with clients to get any feedback on how to improve processes.

Ready to begin the Timber Products Company experience? We encourage you to start by learning more about our mission.

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