Getting to the Core Series: FeatherPly

At Timber Products, we’re committed to creating products that offer the highest level of quality, performance, and customization options to our customers—which is why we developed FeatherPly.

Featherply from timber products

FeatherPly, the newest addition to our line of hardwood plywood veneers, is revolutionizing the core industry by offering consumers the quality and integrity of standard veneer cores at a weight 40% less than most standard options.

So what, exactly, is FeatherPly? What are the benefits? And is FeatherPly the right hardwood plywood veneer option for you?

What is FeatherPly?

Manufactured from imported Falcata wood, FeatherPly is a veneer core that’s 40% lighter than most other veneer cores—and specifically engineered for projects where weight is a concern.

FeatherPly is CARB/TSCA compliant and comes packaged in 4’ by 8’ panels with the choice of three different stocking thicknesses: ¼” (3-Ply, 15 lbs); ½” (5-Ply, 34 lbs); and ¾” (7-Ply, 45 lbs).

By slashing the weight while still maintaining the quality, integrity, and overall performance of a standard veneer core, FeatherPly allows substrate consumers to have the “best of both worlds”—low in weight and high in quality.

FeatherPly Physical Properties

For the curious consumer, here are the physical properties of FeatherPly:

  • Modulus of Rupture: 4,091 psi
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 524,000 psi
  • Screw Hold Face: 213 lbs
  • Screw Hold Edge: 159 lbs

What are the Benefits of FeatherPly?

So, now that we’ve introduced FeatherPly, let’s discuss why it’s the ideal choice for your next veneer core project.

Some of the main benefits of FeatherPly include:

  • It’s lightweight. As mentioned, FeatherPly weighs 40% less than traditional veneer cores. This makes it significantly easier for workers to transport and makes it an ideal choice for interiors where weight is an issue (like boats or RVs). It’s also a great core option for light colored veneers.
  • It’s easily machinable. Don’t want to put too much stress on your tools? FeatherPly is easily machinable and causes minimal wear and tear. Alongside its machinability, FeatherPly is also versatile and works with not only veneers but laminates too.
  • FeatherPly is green. Timber Products is committed to green products—and that includes FeatherPly, which is CARB/TSCA compliant.

What Kind of Projects is FeatherPly Ideal for?

FeatherPly is the lightest veneer core on the market, making it the perfect choice for consumers who need the function of a lightweight material but don’t want to the sacrifice visual appeal of hardwood veneer.

FeatherPly is an ideal material for any project where weight is a matter of importance, including:

  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Displays
  • Fixtures
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry
  • Ceiling panels
  • Wall panels

Are You Ready to Give FeatherPly a Try? Get in touch with Timber Products today.

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