How The Forest Foundation Promotes Sustainable Forestry

Did you know: California and Oregon are home to the world’s tallest trees? Our mammoth Coast Redwoods can grow as tall as a 37-story building, and these astonishing conifers can store three times more carbon than non-redwood trees.


The Forest Foundation, a California-based nonprofit, uses engaging facts like these in combination with scientific research to foster interest in sustainable forestry. “Healthy and resilient forests are also essential to the prevention of and recovery from catastrophic wildfires.

“That’s why it’s vital that teachers, students, policymakers and people living in wildland-urban interface areas learn how sustainable forestry protects the environment and grows our economy,” said Jann Taber, The Forest Foundation’s Executive Director.

By educating Californians about the important role trees play in mitigating climate change and our economy, The Forest Foundation promotes sustainable use of forest resources for current and future generations. Michigan-California Timber Company (MCTC or Mich-Cal) proudly supports The Forest Foundation’s work which includes:

  • Partnering with universities to fund cutting-edge forestry research
  • Exploring the role of forestry within the California cap-and-trade carbon market
  • Investigating cross-boundary fuels management in fire-prone landscapes
  • Conducting tours for policymakers to enhance understanding of California’s working forests
  • Visiting local schools to share their Talk About Trees presentation
  • Providing free teaching materials and environmental curriculum to classrooms
  • Developing programs to get more kids outdoors and learning about forests, ecosystems and natural resources

Support the sustainable forestry - now and into the future

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, The Forest Foundation relies on donations and volunteers to achieve its mission of educating every Californian about the benefits of sustainable forestry. Here’s how you can help:

Corporate Sponsorships: Join Mich-Cal in helping The Forest Foundation fund educational programs and activities promoting clean air, clean energy, healthy forests and wildlife conservation.

Golf Tournament: The Forest Foundation’s annual golf tournament is their biggest fundraising event each year. Join friends and colleagues on September 27th, 2019, for a fun day for a good cause at Yocha Dehe Golf Club. Donate prizes and/or become an event sponsor. Learn more by visiting The Forest Foundation’s Facebook page.

Volunteers: The foundation’s school tours and presence at the California State Fair require a lot of volunteer support. Volunteers don’t need to be forestry experts, just friendly people who can hand out tree seedlings, assist school-aged children with crafts, and talk about important forest issues. Visit The Forest Foundation’s website for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about The Forest Foundation at

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