Indoors or Outdoors: Which Wood is Right for My Project?

Wood choice matters, and perhaps most importantly when considering what material will hold up beneath the rigors of weathering. You’ll find that Timber Products Company provides a range of options to meet the multitude of demands and aesthetics end-users want. While wood construction options will vary based on region and cost constraints, this list will give you insight into when a particular type of wood is right for exterior project needs and when it should remain an interior architectural feature:

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Birch: This easily workable wood has a uniform appearance that provides a modern aesthetic for doors and paneling, or as a veneer for architectural hardwood. Birch has properties which make it "perishable", so it's typically recommended for indoor use or in other protected environments.

Cherry: The rich color, fine texture and renowned workability of this wood make it a popular choice for finishing work. Keep it indoors, as it is vulnerable to insects.

Douglas fir: This wood makes an excellent, amply available softwood plywood that supports flooring or, when sanded, take a front and center approach on furniture.

Mahogany: This wood machines, sands and finishes nicely, if you are willing to spend for those features. Its straight grains and deep red tint give it a popular aesthetic, inside and out.

Maple: Whether it is soft or hard, this wood supports stain nicely and is a popular, relatively inexpensive option for flooring and furniture. This popular, perishable wood is best left inside.

Red oak: Relatively easy to work with, this strong, durable wood is also relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for inside projects.

Redwood: This softwood is subject to dents, but balances that with stability and resistance to warping. Because it is decay and insect resistant, it is a solid choice for outside projects.

Teak: This popular imported wood commands big costs, but provides virtually unrivaled strength, beauty and water-resistance to projects. No wonder it is popular for (small) outdoor projects.

Walnut: Prized for its rich brown color and sturdiness, this expensive wood is an excellent accent for indoor decorating solutions ranging from furniture to flooring.

White fir: When protected from the elements and insects, this versatile and widely available softwood plywood will support flooring and construction framing.

White oak: You will find that moisture will not wick up the end grain of this super-strong, straight-grained wood. Use it for outdoor projects, including boat building.

No matter what wood species you are using for your next project, Timber Products Company supplies most types to distributors across the country. Happy building!

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