Mill Spotlight: Medford Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is an affordable, eco-friendly way to add an upscale hardwood look to building projects. At the Timber Products Company mill in Medford, OR, tens of thousands of hardwood plywood panels roll off the line each week.

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“Everything here is built-to-order whether that’s whole piece face, rotary-spliced, rift cut, etc.,” said plant manager Brent Siegel. “Our sister plant here in Medford produces particle board for us, so we can offer a variety of core options and create whatever product the customer needs. And we guarantee the product in 7-10 days, from purchase order to delivery.”

Hardwood plywood panels from Timber Products Company have a thicker hardwood veneer compared to other companies for greater versatility and a beautiful finish. The Medford Mill employs veteran veneer graders with an average of 10 or more years’ experience to ensure high-quality products and quick turnaround.

Timber Products produces hardwood plywood in a wide range of hardwood species including exotic veneers and architectural-grade plywood in any order quantity. “Maple and birch are what we work with the most, but we also do oak, white oak. You name it, we’ve worked with it,” said Siegel.

“People seem to like lighter-colored hardwood, like maple and birch. It's white, easy to paint, and the lighter finish means you don’t have to worry about the transfer, having those darker colors come through,” Siegel said.

Timber Products’ Medford facility utilizes the latest technology to manufacture hardwood plywood that is both elegant and eco-friendly. “We were the first to use USNR’s all natural gas dryer. Natural gas gives you instant heat and uses less energy than a steam boiler. It's definitely the Ferrari of the industry, everyone wants one,” said Siegel.

The Medford Mill operates 24 hours a day, five days a week with 230 employees and growing. The hardwood plywood aspect of the mill works through two shifts: day and swing. “We're expanding due to the ITC (International Trade Commission) ruling,” Siegel explained.

“We've picked up a lot of new customers who were importing wood from China and now they're looking at other avenues because of the new tariffs,” said Siegel. The busy mill is currently hiring new team members. Learn more about career opportunities with Timber Products Company.

Timber Products hardwood plywood is environmentally-certified and meets the strictest emission requirements in North America. We ship directly from our Medford facility by rail and by truck (including TP Trucking freight services).

All Timber Products Company facilities are available for tours, and we love showing customers what we do. Mill visits are an ideal way for current and potential partners to learn and be inspired. Contact your sales representative to schedule a tour.

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