Mill Spotlight: Particle Board in Medford, Ore.

Thirty miles north of the California border, Timber Products Company’s Medford Particle Board Mill converts more than 80,000 tons of post-industrial wood waste per year into high-quality, eco-friendly particle board. The mill utilizes pine shavings, chips and sawdust to create particle board sheets for a variety of applications.

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“We’ve been a wood recycler for 52 years,” said Nick Brown, Particle Board Technical Director at Timber Products Company. “Instead of chipping up logs in the woods, we’re taking someone else’s waste and producing a great product with it.”

A Commitment to Quality and the Environment

In addition to adhering to high environmental standards, Timber Products Company continually tests its particle board products to ensure they exceed customer requirements for fire resistance, strength, workability and more. In 2017, the Medford mill completely rebuilt its particle board press and plans additional upgrades to its core system later this year.

“We’re always trying to improve quality. By rebuilding the press, we’ve been able to speed up production and improve the quality of our particle board. We’ve been able to reduce sand-offs, and produce a better face layer on our board,” said Brown.

Our Medford timber facility participates in the Composite Panel Association’s Eco-Certified Composite Sustainability Standard (ECC) program and sources raw material for its products from within a 250-mile radius. The Medford mill also utilizes MDI resin, a no-added formaldehyde (NAF) binding agent to produce particle board that conforms to LEED and CARB standards.

Door Core and More

Door core represents about 70 percent of the product produced in Medford. The Washington Iron Works press can produce 30 sheets at once, and most orders ship within one week of order date. In addition to sheet stock, the mill produces lock blocks that provide added strength to the handle and hinge areas of a hollow core door.

Timber Products’ product line includes fir and pine particle board substrates in all grades: underlayment, door core, commercial, industrial and specialty. Our particle board panels are specially engineered and strictly tested for excellent machinability and screw-holding power.

We invite you to visit our Medford particle board mill or any of our other production facilities. Meet the team, and learn more about the capabilities available to meet the custom needs of your business. Contact your local Timber Products Company sales representative to schedule a tour.

Our Medford mill employs 100 people and is always looking for new team members. Learn more about career opportunities with Timber Products Company.

Check out our other spotlight articles about our Sutter Creek and Munising locations to hear more about our dedication to quality and sustainability.

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