Particle Board, as Versatile as it is Affordable

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but versatile wood product that can support most demands, look no further than particle board. While particle board may not be celebrated the way solid wood is, this behind-the-scenes workhorse can be found supporting a broad variety of projects — from floor to ceiling and virtually everything in between.

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Consider the following five uses of particle board as inspiration for your next project:

1. Flooring

Particle board is commonly used as a floor underlayment and can be applied over wood floors as a layer of protection for carpeting or tile.

2. Wall Partitions

These lightweight boards are a great option for separating rooms in a large space. Finish the look with a laminate or wood veneer for the type of customizable look trending for buildings that want a consistent brand.

3. Cabinets

While white kitchens are classic, more consumers are looking to go bold with their cabinets, according to Houzz’s annual kitchen trends study. Particle board cabinets offer a perfect substrate for dramatic paint or a warm wood veneer. 

4. Doors

Particle board is commonly found at the core of doors, where it serves as a smooth, flat surface for bonding with the door skin and reduces the transmission of sound compared to a hollow-core door. Our particle board facility in Medford, Oregon specializes in making particle board panels for this exact application.

5. Furniture and Shelving

Sturdy, inexpensive particle board is holding up big segments of the furniture industry. Beneath a wood veneer, particle board is even found in moist environments such as locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as table tops, desks, bookshelves and more.

Timber Products offers fir and pine particle board substrates in all grades to fit any project needs. Find these products in many thicknesses, widths and lengths not available from plywood, or go custom to meet an as-yet-unrealized need. Reach out to an expert for more details.

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