Rogue River Runners Take Their High Energy to the Trail

Working in the great outdoors is one of the big attractions for many of the individuals who have built careers at Timber Products, but some employees just can’t get enough of the Oregon wilderness. Eight Timber Products and TP Trucking employees demonstrated just that when they tackled the Rogue River trail May 10-11.

Rogue river run

Runners Tony Posner, Mike Lyon, George Wood, Eric Cullen, Shannon Clemo, Lynn Campbell, Ryan Sankey and John Underwood spent two days on the trail, embarking upon a scenic section of the route that snakes from Grants Pass, Ore., for 40 miles past awe-inspiring Rainey Falls, narrow ledges through the Siskiyou Mountain Range and picturesque streams. Deer, otters and black bears, as well as a wide variety of water birds, make frequent appearances along the river, making for a spectacular viewing experience.

While this was no race, at Timber Products we feel we win when our employees take on active challenges that contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. After all, employees who enjoy an active lifestyle are on average healthier, which can reduce absenteeism at work. Research indicates that a healthy, happy workforce can lower costs by more than $1,600 per employee through reductions in days away due to unplanned sickness or disability.

More than that, active employees often have more energy, which can help improve focus during the workday. Evidence also indicates that employees who know how to tackle big fitness goals—like planning a riverside run—take that same goal-oriented nature to work. And being connected to nature can be a great stress reliever, helping hard workers better cope with emotional and mental challenges.

For interested Oregon-area runners, the Rouge River trail provides several hike-in options. Runners can bring backpacks and camp along the trail or can take advantage of a riverside wilderness lodge. When working with a local tour provider, runners may have access to snacks and liquids to keep them moving on the trail. Creek crossings every five miles or so provide an opportunity to stock up on water for runners with purifiers. Runners typically average 12 to 15 miles each day along the rolling trail.

The Rouge River trail provides a solid introduction to trail running, with its sloping hills and varied environments ranging from lush Pacific Northwest rainforests to open fields. And we can’t imagine a better way to spend the week.

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