Safety Tips for Those Who Spend Their Time on the Road

Trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 918 truck drivers suffered a fatal injury while on the job—a higher number of fatalities than any other occupation.


With so much risk, it’s important that truckers take every precaution necessary to stay safe while on the job. Here are 3 safety tips to make sure you’re protecting yourself next time you hit the road:

Get Familiar with Your Truck

A lot of accidents happen as a result of distracted driving—and one way to keep yourself from getting distracted on the road is to get familiar with your truck.

Before you start driving, you should be completely familiar with the interior dash of your truck, including the instrument panel and any additional buttons or switches, as well as any functionality you’ll need on the road (like cruise control or your high beams). Familiarizing yourself with your truck before you get behind the wheel will eliminate the distraction of trying to figure things out on the road—and will keep you safer in the process.

Take Breaks

As a trucker, it can be tempting to power through and try to get your drive done as quickly as possible. But if you want your drive to be safe (and comfortable), it’s important to stop and take frequent breaks.

Schedule regular rest stops where you can get out of the truck, stretch your arms and back, and move around. The more you move around, the more comfortable you’ll be while driving—and comfort is key. When you don’t take the time to stretch and move around, you’re likely to develop aches and pains, which can be a distraction on the road—and potentially cause an accident.

Get Enough Sleep

In the same vein, you might be tempted to skip a good night’s sleep to finish a drive early. But do yourself a favor and don’t. Driving a truck requires you to be alert and awake—which is impossible if you’re trying to operate on little to no sleep.

If you feel yourself starting to get tired, pull off and take a nap. You’ll wake up refreshed and better able to pay attention to the road—which will make you a better (and safer) driver.

Trucking can be a dangerous occupation—but if you put safety first, it doesn’t have to be!

TP Trucking is Committed to Driver Safety

At TP Trucking, we take the safety of our drivers seriously. In 2017, we were awarded the Truckload Award from the Oregon Trucking Association, which recognized our commitment to safety. Interested in driving for us? Apply today!

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