Slippery When Wet: Road Conditions During the Colder Months

Now that summer is long gone, and the temperature has started to drop, it is time to start preparing for the changing weather of fall and winter. And for truck drivers, that means brushing up on safety measures.


Fall and winter present a whole slew of weather-related dangers for truckers. While most major companies offer truck company training to get their drivers ready for the change it seasons, it never hurts to take the initiative and do a quick safety review before you hit the road.

Here are some of TP Trucking’s most important fall and winter safety tips for truck drivers:

Take a Few Minutes to Prep the Truck

With frigid conditions and temperatures below freezing, the last thing you want is to run into truck issues on the road. Be sure to do a full check of every system on the truck to make sure everything is running properly before you head out. Checking the truck only takes a few minutes and can keep truck-related issues to a minimum.

Take It Slow

Winter weather can make driving conditions extremely dangerous, so it is not the time to try and set a new cross-country record. It is much easier to lose control of a truck when driving at high speeds, so you should plan to take it slow to protect yourself and everyone else on the road.

You should also increase your following distance; it takes much longer to brake and come to a complete stop in a truck than a normal-sized car, so increasing the following distance gives you more of a cushion to brake when necessary.

Drive According to the Road Conditions

The biggest danger for driving in fall and winter months is dangerous road conditions. Roads that are wet or icy following a storm can cause serious challenges if you do not adjust your driving to suit the conditions.

Taking turns slow, driving in the middle of the road to avoid deep puddles of water, and avoiding roads that have not been salted or sanded are all important to maintain safety through the winter months. You should also know what to do if the truck hydroplanes or slips on a patch of ice (release the accelerator and push in on the clutch).

Get Regular Service

The key to keeping a truck safe and running well throughout the winter is to have it regularly checked out by professionals.

As a prominent trucking company in Oregon, we operate an Oregon truck center to provide maintenance and body services to any drivers in Central and Southwest Oregon this fall and winter.

The fall and winter months can be dicey weather-wise, but with the right precautions, they don’t have to be unsafe for truck drivers. For any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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