Soft to the Touch: The Dynamic Applications of Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood panels are typically associated with construction, but they play a key supporting role in the agriculture, transportation and auto manufacturing industries.

Soft to the touch

Josh Gibeau, Timber Products Global Sales Manager for Softwood Plywood and Veneer revealed the extensive applications for softwood plywood panels.

From tomato paste to nuts, plywood boxes made from Douglas Fir are essential to food transportation and storage. “Some species of pine are susceptible to mold and mildew, so government regulations require certain food-grade bins have to be made from Douglas Fir,” Gibeau said.

The properties of Doug Fir make it an ideal choice for concrete forms. “Doug fir swells less and has a higher resistance to alkali and other unwanted things that can develop in concrete mixes,” explained Gibeau.

“We work with boat manufacturers, RV manufacturers and we also make trailer liners for semi-trucks,” Gibeau said. “For strength, endurance and integrity, there’s not much in this world that compares to Doug Fir with a phenolic glue line. You can buy a Douglas Fir panel once or several pieces of pine over the same life span.”

Timber Products’ reputation for quality and capability to engineer custom panels caught the attention of an electric car manufacturer. “We engineered slave pallets for an automotive factory that had to move massive batteries along a floor conveyance system. The company needed 54” x 54” x 54” pallets that were 3/8" thick so the board wouldn’t deflect or bend when it was loaded up with heavy batteries.”

Our Grants Pass facility has a five-by-ten press that allows us to create panels 5-feet wide,  10-feet long, and 1 ½ inches thick - with any combination in between. When you don't have a seam, it adds to the strength of whatever you’re building,” Gibeau explained. “Having this capability really sets us apart.”

Timber Products Company has the capacity, equipment and vertical integration to create softwood plywood products others cannot. “We control everything from seed to finish, it’s peeled and pressed right in our own plant,” said Gibeau.

Timber Products also manufactures softwood plywood panels for construction applications including construction-grade sheathing, underlayment and marine-grade industrial panels. Our softwood plywood is environmentally-certified and makes projects eligible for LEED® credit support.

“We can press anything from a quarter inch thick up to an inch and a half thick, and we have no issues doing small batches,” Gibeau said. “We can engineer materials to a customer’s specific application and tolerances, plus we can do special packing, special machining, plug and touch sanding, full sanding, and tongue-and-groove.”

Let us know how we can help make your next project a success. Contact a softwood plywood expert and tell us about your product needs and goals.

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