Support of Stellar Team is the Secret to TP Trucking’s Recruitment Success

TP Trucking is always on the lookout for quality drivers—and its current drivers are the company’s most valuable recruiting tool. Because the people running the transportation subsidiary of Timber Products Company know how hard long-haul trucking can be, they continually accept applications from experienced drivers who are ready to work with an organization where respect and honesty are as central to the workplace as the highly competitive benefits.

Tp trucking recruitment

That approach pays off come hiring time. “Our best recruiting measure is word of mouth from our drivers,” said George Wood, driver and safety manager at TP Trucking’s Central Point, Ore. location.

High Morale, Low Turnover

Wood credits the corporate culture of inclusion as one of the main reasons for the low turnover rate and positive employee feedback.

While the company can leverage the great insurance buying power and benefits of its large parent company, TP Trucking retains the feel of a small company.

“We are a part of a larger company, but everybody knows everybody here, and people appreciate that,” said Wood. “It makes them feel like they’re part of a team.”

A small number of experienced dispatchers work on the floor, fostering that small company feel. “We’ve got close to 100 years of experience between six of those dispatchers,” Wood adds.

On top of that, the TP Trucking works hard to care for its drivers. They hold a leading safety record and top-notch equipment—not a truck in the fleet is over four years old, and as of the publishing of this article, many trucks are brand new, 2018 models.

Trucking is a tough job, with a national turnover rate of about 96 percent. TP Trucking, on the other hand, sees roughly 16 percent turnover. Of the 99 drivers currently running the fleet, time on the job runs the gamut from mere weeks to a whopping 38 years, but the average is about 4.5 years on the job.


Of course, TP Trucking has high expectations when it comes drivers. Drivers must be more than 23 years old, and preferably have at least two years of over the road experience. TP Trucking keeps applications on file when not actively hiring but leverages local job fairs and its network of employee-recruiters when it is time to fill new openings. They also offer a unique $2,500 sign-on and referral bonus, and these bonuses increased to $5,000 each through the end of 2017. Candidates are invited to an in-person interview as well as a driving test. If hired, they start with a two-week orientation process.

TP Trucking is no different than other long-haul trucking companies in its expectations for long hours on the road, but its treatment of staff sets it apart. As Wood says, “If you’re looking for an opportunity, and you want to pull a flatbed, this is a premier fleet and a great opportunity.”

If you are someone you know is interested in driving for TP Trucking, head over to their site and apply today.

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