That’s a Wrap

Whether you love the University of Oregon Ducks or root for the Oregon State Beavers, TP Trucking is looking to turn your head on the highway. TP Trucking features wraps on several of their curtain vans that reflect a partnership with the University of Oregon (UO) athletics, as well as one wrap spotlighting Oregon State University (OSU).

Thats a wrap

The trailers run on a weekly basis from TP Trucking’s headquarters in Central Point, Ore. to Los Angeles and back through Seattle, providing long-haul advertising for the schools and a strong source of pride for the drivers. 

The trucks are largely used for hauling Timber Products' panel products southbound and loads ranging from paper products to food and beverage back north. One lucky driver, however, hauls football gear for the Ducks’ away games. The football gear switched to being hauled by truck after September 11th, but since then, the team has kept the transport of their gear in TP Trucking's capable hands.

Given the response the trucks get on the highway—including the frequent thumbs-up of passing fans—it is not surprising to note that these vehicles are often special guests at local events. Duck and Beaver trucks have made back-to-back appearances at UO versus OSU games and have been the highlights of parades throughout Oregon.

The TP Trucking team notes that these wraps have been in place for more than a decade, sporting occasional updates due to wear. Because of their popularity, they will continue to be on full display for years to come.

Have you seen one of our University of Oregon or Oregon State trucks on the road? Snap a photo and let us know on Facebook and Twitter! Learn more about TP Trucking on our website.

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