The Closet Connection

Here at Timber Products Company, we produce all grades of particle board substrates to fit our customers' needs including shelving, kitchen cabinets, closets and door core. At our particle board facility in Medford, Ore, door core and sheet stock are key competencies. Eric Poppe, our Particle Board Production Superintendent in Medford shares his insights:

Closet connection - blog

“When you create particle board, it’s not as simple as slamming the press shut, cooking it for four minutes, then opening it up. The press changes the properties of that wood momentarily. There are chemical reactions with the resin, and you’re converting the moisture in the board to steam, driving it into the core,” Poppe said. “Getting the right moisture content really matters. Believe it or not, you want your face moisture to be different than your core moisture content.”

Our door core is the superior choice for both exterior and interior doors. In addition to offering a better surface for sanding, our door core is specially-engineered for excellent machinability and screw-holding strength.

We Welcome Custom Size Requests

“Some companies say if it’s not a truckload quantity, we’re not interested in the order. We’re not that way. We specialize in working with customers to make sure they get what they need, even if it’s multiple different cuts on different loads,” Poppe said.

Poppe further explained, “We use an optimizer that allows us to maximize our press. We take the master sheets and cut them into an almost infinite number of custom sizes. Our flexibility to get customers what they need is a big plus for us and of course, the quality keeps them coming back.”

Creating Eco-Friendly Particle Board

We utilize recovered fiber from hardwood plywood and softwood plywood manufacturing facilities to make our particle board. “Nearly all of our raw material is someone else’s waste,” explained Poppe.

“We use various types of discarded wood fiber from lumber, plywood and engineered wood products—both our own and from external sources,” Poppe said. “We get the material in either hogged up, chipped up, or chewed up form. We sort it, mill it if it needs to be milled, and dry it if it needs to be dried. Then we put it on a mat, press it together and make a product out of it,” Poppe said.

All Timber Products Company particle board is made from 100% post-industrial recycled/recovered fiber and is available in many thicknesses, widths and lengths. To learn more, download our particle board product brochure, or contact one of our friendly product experts.

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