Timber Products Company Wins Big at 2018’s International Woodworking Fair

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF), which happens every two years at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the industry’s largest trade shows. This year’s show, which took place from August 22 through the 25th, drew over 30,000 attendees and featured more than 1,025 exhibitors spread across a whopping million-plus square feet of exhibitor space—including Timber Products.


“Everybody was really happy with the show,” says Amber Poston, Marketing Manager for Timber Products. “Overall, the attitudes and outlooks were really good for the market.”

For this year’s show, we focused on creating the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with the people that matter most—our customers.

“Our focus was on giving our customers some one-on-one time and allowing them to come up to our meeting room so that they could meet with their sales team and some of the managers at Timber Products Company to really give them a chance to connect,” said Poston.

The majority of divisions—including Hardwood Plywood, Softwood Plywood, Distribution Sales, Composite Panel, and International—were on hand at the event and available to meet with customers.

“It gave customers from all of our divisions an opportunity to address any account management issues, any concerns they had with the company, talk about the market forecasts and what they see coming in the future.”

Timber Products also wanted to say “Thank you” to our customers—which we were able to do at our Customer Appreciation Event.

“Our big feature was Wednesday night. Our Customer Appreciation Event at T-330 where we celebrated a hundred years with our customers,” said Poston.

“Everybody got to go home with a little bit of Timber Products swag [like branded sunglasses and limited edition hats] and just really have a great time. We wanted to thank our customers for helping get to a hundred years, and to talk about what the future holds for Timber Products.”

Timber Products also used IWF as an opportunity to showcase some of our new products to our customers.

“We had two major products that we were really showcasing. One was a Baltic birch panel, which is a great substitute for some of our maple panels. It's very light in color and the panel is laid on our Procore substrate, so it’s great for lamination and for a lot of different applications,” said Poston.

“We also did a soft rollout with our new lightweight panel. It's called FeatherPly and it's 40% lighter than your traditional veneer core,” continued Poston.

“We are going to be doing a larger launch and rolling it out into the marketplace, but we did have a couple samples of FeatherPly for customers to check out and touch, feel, and compare the direct difference between traditional veneer cores and the new product that’s coming out.”

All in all, it was another solid showing and Timber Products had a great time connecting with our customers at IWF 2018—and we can’t wait to do it again in 2020!

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