Timber Products Serves as a Responsive Support System for Distributor Partner Rugby ABP

When Tommy Heard, Regional Manager for Rugby Architectural Building Products, is pressed to describe manufacturer partner Timber Products Company in a word, he offers this: Responsive.


For Rugby, a subsidiary of Hardwoods Distribution Inc., it is this attribute that makes Timber Products a highly valued partner in today’s market. Rugby primarily supplies residential and commercial cabinet makers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region with hardwood plywood products and finds virtually every end-user is seeking a quality product—right away.

“In the market today, everything is about speed,” Heard said. “We’re constantly challenged to be nimbler and better than our competition. So when we look to a vendor partner, we look for the same attributes in them.”

In the wood products market, that means passing along odd combination requests from customers and rapidly returning samples to secure a sale.

That timely delivery, coupled with the support of the Rugby sales team, has made this a lasting partnership. Rugby has been a partner with Timber Products well beyond Heard’s 15 years with the company. But it was Heard’s early experience as a Rugby Sales Manager that showed him the value of a manufacturing partner that can provide not only top quality products but also support for sales and marketing efforts.

Heard points out that Timber Products is currently playing a key role in strengthening the value that both companies can provide to the end-user by helping to train Rugby’s sales team.

“They’re providing education to our sales staff and our inside customer service team, from the manufacturer’s point of view,” Heard explained. “Making the team better at their job obviously increases our purchases, because we sell more. Anything that makes us stronger, makes them stronger.”

Heard notes that seeing the manufacturer’s strengths firsthand—through a mill tour that showed Rugby’s representatives Timber Products’ complete control of the supply chain, beginning with the forestlands, moving through production and quality control steps, and ending with the logistics system where the product reaches the distributor—has also helped Rugby feel secure that it has found a partner that can meet virtually any request.

“It’s a very impressive tour and it’s nice to see what sort of resources they have available,” Heard shared.

Of course, strong relationships also depend on easy, open communication, and Heard says that’s another reason why Rugby has partnered with Timber Products.

“To me, it’s the difference of their team,” he said. “We could work with any number of manufacturers, but if we run into a problem or we need a quick response, Timber has always been there for us. It comes down to people, and the ease of doing business with them.”

If you or your team would like to learn more about Timber Products, do not hesitate to talk to an expert!

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