TP Trucking Equipment Attracts Drivers with Well-Maintained Comfort

Attracting and retaining qualified drivers in a market short on applicants means that trucking companies have to put their drivers’ well-being first. For TP Trucking, that means using top of the line vehicles, maxed out with amenities and keeping these vehicles running in peak condition.

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Today TP Trucking’s drivers ride in Kenworth T680s, a sturdy 30,000-pound vehicle able to haul up to 50,000 pounds. This vehicle’s interior moves drivers a long way from the early days of crawling into a 36-inch sleeper while the engine idles. Now, drivers are able to stretch out comfortably in 72-inch sleepers within easy reach of a wide range of amenities including refrigerators, microwaves, onboard flat screen TVs, diesel-fired bunk heaters and ample closet and storage space.

Just above the bunk is another bunk to accommodate passengers. It is not unheard of for kids to ride with their TP Trucking-employed parent during school breaks, and several drivers have spouses who ride, or team drive, full-time. TP Trucking’s dispatch is always eager to work with drivers to accommodate occasional route changes to help drivers and their loved ones visit family in various parts of the country.

All TP Trucking Kenworths come equipped with EpicVue.

While the T680 is all about keeping drivers moving—with a 200-gallon fuel tank that averages 1,300 miles between fill-ups—the fleet’s biggest change is around idling. In 2018, TP Trucking is fitting out a fleet with the factory-installed Kenworth Idle Management System (KIMS) which not only keeps drivers comfortable but also looks out for the environment. This battery-powered auxiliary power unit powers HVAC systems without idling the truck. So when drivers take their required 34-hour restarts, they can turn off the truck and still turn up the heat or AC. Less idling means reduced emissions and fewer mechanical issues. The KIMS also includes an auto-start system that automatically restarts the truck in order to charge the battery once it reaches a certain low—all without waking the driver.

To keep this trucking equipment road-ready, maintenance is scheduled every 20,000 miles, as well as on a time basis. The company’s extensive truck maintenance program keeps vehicles running smoothly and well within the Kenworth warranty. Even with regular maintenance, however, TP Trucking phases vehicles out from long-haul tasks at around 500,000 miles and moves them off the road after five years. This relatively short lifespan means that the company always has its eye on the next trucking innovation.

If you or someone you know is looking to start a career with TP Trucking and would love to drive one of our Kenworths, don't hesitate to apply as a driver today.

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