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  • TP Global carefully milled products

Global sourcing for the best specialty wood products

TP Global leverages both our manufacturing and financial strength to offer beautiful, high-quality imported wood panels at the best prices.

We have developed strong partnerships with our carefully selected network of manufacturers around the globe. If a particular exotic species does not grow here, we can get it from overseas. We also bring offshore substrates to our plants and put domestic veneers on those substrates.

Our priority is transparency and compliance, making sure that all our documentation is legal and precise. Appropriate CARB compliance, Lacey documentation and all other regulatory requirements are a priority to us. We are also members of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership) as well as a participant of the new CEE (Centers of Excellence & Expertise), both of which are through US Customs & Border Protection.

  • Specialties

    TP Global sources an extensive line of commodity and specialty panels from around the world. We carefully choose global partners who value quality and sustainability like we do.

  • Team

    Our seasoned team members are more than import specialists. The team has an average of more than 20 years of experience in the wood products industry.

  • Locations

    TP Global is located at the Timber Products headquarters in Springfield, Oregon.

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