Crystal Bridges Museum

One museum's sweeping ceilings

  • Crystal Bridges exterior

Inspired by the fluting on the underside of a mushroom, the ceiling design of the Crystal Bridges Museum store features undulating rows of Timber Products’ cherry-wood hardwood plywood panels.

The Story

The vision of architect Marlon Blackwell called for a stunning ceiling profile made up of parallel segments, sweeping around a circular radius. Each of the 225 ceiling segments would be made with 8-foot-long pieces of plywood connected to span up to 40 feet in length. AA grade cherry plywood with j-core was chosen to minimize voids. The wood also had to be environmentally friendly. And the opening gala was just seven weeks away.

We delivered 480 4’ x 8’ sheets of Timber Products’ GreenT Hardwood Plywood in less than four weeks, helping the team meet their deadline for a successful opening gala.


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