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Timber Products is excited to partner with Drum Workshop to provide custom-cut maple, cherry, birch, and oak hardwood veneer that’s used in creating exquisite drum shells for musicians everywhere.

There’s a big banner hanging in that factory that I’ll never forget — "Take care of our customers, because if we don’t, someone else will" — and that means a lot to me, and they’ve taken such great care of me.

John Good, Senior Executive Vice President for Drum Workshop

The Story

Drum Workshop (DW) is bringing the craftsmanship back into veneer drum shells. John Good, DW’s Senior Executive Vice President, is an expert drum acoustics technician with an eye and an ear for how certain aspects of veneer, such as wood grain orientation, affect the sound a drum produces. By utilizing horizontal grains, vertical grains, and X patterns, DW is able to create customized drums with different sounds for different applications. Timber Products is proud to be a part of this journey of innovation that is revolutionizing the drum shell industry.

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with custom solutions to meet their unique needs, Timber Products supplies DW with hundreds of thousands of square feet of hardwood maple veneer per month, cut to a thickness of 1/32nd inch instead of the standard 1/36th. Some of DW’s spectacular drum sets are also crafted from other wood species, including cherry, birch, and oak. Timber Products takes great care in skillfully and sustainably harvesting Michigan-grown timber in order to produce the highest quality of veneer in an environmentally friendly manner.

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For a video of John Good explaining the art of drum shell manufacturing, visit the Timber Products blog.


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