High-quality wood products - all from a single company

  • Composite Panels

    Composite Panels

    From industry standard Ampine particle board and imported medium density fiberboard (MDF) to our exclusive Apex line, Timber Products produces composite panels that are ideal for a wide range of applications. For specialized needs, we offer the Apex FR and Apex MR50 panels with high fire resistance and moisture ratings, in addition to superior strength and smoothness specifications. Our composite panel products are available as FSC certified.

  • Veneers


    Our high-quality hardwood and softwood veneers are manufactured in our FSC-certified facilities, a truly multipurpose material, the applications of veneer extend beyond plywood core to wall panels, furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, and more. Choose from many hardwood veneer species — including maple, oak, cherry, and birch — or softwoods like pine and fir. Our hardwood and softwood veneer panels are available as FSC certified.

  • Decorative Overlays

    Decorative Overlays

    Our decorative overlays are as durable as they are beautiful. Produced at our Spectrum manufacturing facility in White City, Oregon these value-added, specialty products include roll laminates, melamine (TFL), and hardwood-faced SpectraBoard. For building bookcases, cabinets, shelving, and more, look no further than Timber Products’ low- and high-pressure laminated panels. Our decorative overlays are available as FSC certified. 

  • Panels


    Timber Products’ comprehensive selection of versatile, high-quality panels includes architectural plywood and softwood plywood varieties, as well as our award-winning GreenT™ hardwood plywood. Manufactured from high-quality, real wood veneers, Timber Products plywood meets your panel needs in an environmentally friendly way. Our panels are available as FSC certified. 

  • Custom Cut Components


    Custom components from Timber Products’ Spectrum division include custom cuts, drawer sides, and treadmill decks. With precise engineering and manufacturing, we ensure that these unique products will meet your specific needs while satisfying high standards of quality and strict environmental regulations. Our components are available as FSC certified.

  • Prefinished Panels

    Prefinished Panels

    At Timber Products, we use innovative ultraviolet curing technology to finish and protect wood in an environmentally friendly manner. Experience the enhanced beauty and durability of natural wood that has been UV-cured with no added formaldehyde or other unwanted chemical substances. Our RhinoCoat™ prefinished panels are available for our entire line of hardwood plywood products. Our prefinished panels are available as FSC certified. 

  • Hardwood Lumber

    Hardwood Lumber

    Timber Products’ hardwood lumber primarily comes from sustainably managed forests of Michigan’s upper peninsula and surrounding states’ northern hardwood forests. Our Munising, Michigan facility processes lumber from a full range of northeastern hardwood species, including maple, cherry, birch, and ash. Our hardwood lumber is harvested from FSC certified forestlands.

Timber Products: Specialists in Hardwood Plywood and More

Timber Products: Specialists in Hardwood Plywood and More

Timber Products sets the standard for product quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship in the wood products industry. We're one of the largest material suppliers in the domestic kitchen cabinet industry, as well as one of the largest manufacturers of hardwood plywood in America. In addition, we offer a comprehensive array of other wood products, from hardwood lumber and veneer to softwood products, laminates, and particle board. Furthermore, Timber Products is a fully integrated manufacturer. We control every step of production to ensure our products have high levels of quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

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  • Timber Products Manufacturing Locations icon
    Manufacturing Locations

    Our 10 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities—located throughout Oregon, Mississippi, California, and Michigan—are certified to offer products under the Forest Stewardship Council. Four facilities also offer products dual-certified by the FSC and SFI.

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  • Timber Products Manufacturing Practices icon
    Manufacturing Practices

    Our modern machinery, internal engineering, and precision equipment help us get the most out of every panel we manufacture. We electronically inspect each piece through an advanced quality control program to ensure the best quality.

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  • Timber Products Forestry Practices icon
    Forestry Practices

    We own and manage 114,000 acres of forestland in Northern California. Our business is centered around preserving and using this renewable resource in a sustainable manner, and is strictly compliant with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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