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Sustainable forestry on Mt. Shasta

Meeting Green Building Standards & Beyond

The majority of our wood products come from sustainably managed forests, meaning they meet strict state and federal emissions requirements. Our award-winning GreenT™ hardwood plywood is made with a technologically advanced, environmentally friendly adhesive.

We maintain an excellent reputation with state and federal agencies that oversee environmental issues. We are SFI certified—and have been for more than 15 years—as well as FSC certified.

Timber Products: Your Source of Environmentally Friendly Products

Timber Products: Your Source of Environmentally Friendly Products

We’re proud of our award-winning GreenT™ Hardwood Plywood, engineered with an environmentally friendly adhesive and sourced from responsibly managed forests. The GreenT™ label means this plywood is environmentally engineered and meets the toughest emission regulations in the world.

You’ll find a comprehensive selection of other wood products, as well—including particle boardhardwood lumbersoftwood plywood, and decorative laminates. Our hardwood lumber comes in a range of species and grades and performs consistently in a wide range of applications.