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CARB formaldehyde standards become a reality

In 2009, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released the toughest formaldehyde emission regulations for composite wood products in California. We're proud to be a leader in this initiative, offering CARB-certified hardwood plywood and particle board.

We led the industry by distributing a series of regular updates even before the CARB regulations were implemented. We care deeply about air quality, and we will continue to be a resource for the industry with the latest information on formaldehyde emission levels.

Strict Formaldehyde Regulations Now in Effect

Strict Formaldehyde Regulations Now in Effect

The world’s strictest formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products took effect in California starting Jan. 1, 2009. This means particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and hardwood plywood manufactured for sale or use in California must comply with the new CARB regulations. 

Even if you are not located or currently doing business in California, you should be aware that the Federal EPA is monitoring the CARB rule and conducting its own risk analysis of formaldehyde emission levels, possibly for implementing a national wood products emission standard sometime in the near future.

For more information, see our FAQs on sustainability.

What CARB-Certified Products Do We Offer?

Timber Products was one of the first US hardwood plywood manufacturers to have its entire product line CARB-certified. All hardwood plywood and particle board manufactured in Timber Products' facilities meet and exceed CARB requirements. Additionally, the company’s mills in Grants Pass, OR, Medford, OR, Sutter Creek, CA (Ampine) and Corinth, MS have been CARB-certified.

What About Imported Wood? Is It CARB-Certified?

CARB defines an importer as any company that imports regulated composite wood panels for sale or use in California. Not all wood coming in from overseas meets CARB standards, so be sure to ask your distributor or importer for complete documentation.

Many mills have been CARB-certified in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and around the world. The number of CARB-authorized certifying agencies is growing. Timber Products Global Division only imports panels from reliable sources and follows strict due diligence processes to ensure all panels meet domestic requirements.

If you are looking for more information directly from CARB regarding imported material, the agency has posted two Webinars it gave in conjunction with the International Wood Products Association: one is geared toward importers and distributors and the other toward retailers. Find both Webinars posted here.

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