Forest Practices

Committed to responsibly managed forests

Our work is more than timber.

With 114,800 acres of forest in our care, we're dedicated to preserving the entire ecosystem. With a focus on more than just trees, we protect water, wildlife, fish, air quality, scenic vistas, and recreational areas.

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    350,000 trees planted every year
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    Highly degreed, highly passionate forestry professionals
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    Rigorous road maintenance to ensure proper drainage for forest management
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    Maintains soil and water quality by minimizing ground disturbance

Our Initiatives

Wildlife habitat being conserved by sustainable forestry practices

Wildlife habitat conservation

We work to enhance the quality of wildlife habitat by promoting biodiversity in plant and animal populations. In the springtime, we go to our forestlands to call out spotted owls and map where they have decided to nest, mindfully noting this for our harvest plans. By doing this, we are able to ensure enough habitat for each nest site.

Forest that is healthy and thriving due to harvest rotation

Harvest rotation

We rotate our harvest across the land base in order to maintain a mix of different habitat types with trees of different ages in each management area. This helps keep our forests healthy, productive and more resistant to fire, insects, and other pathogens. We’ve aggressively thinned over a thousand acres of timber stands close to communities in order to reduce forest fire risk and ensure that timber stands are healthy and vigorous.

Salvaged logs stacked outside a  manufacturing facility

Salvage logging and purchase programs

We quickly respond to beetle outbreaks and other related pathogens to harvest damaged timber before the disease or insect infestation can spread to the adjacent stands. We’ve ramped up that program during the California drought to ensure our forests remain healthy and productive.

We are also a major purchaser of US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management timber. This initiative promotes forest health and reduces the fuels that have caused such devastating wildfires in recent years. We’re now purchasing substantial quantities of fire-killed timber from US Forest Service lands so they can remove these dead fuels and prepare the land to grow a new forest.

Timber Products subscribes to and complies with the standards and objectives of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the comprehensive California Forest Practices Act, the toughest set of forest protection laws in the country.

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Thinking Beyond Forestry

We work with geologists, botanists, and wildlife biologists to preserve our forests’ unique qualities. Our Registered Professional Foresters and professional wildlife and fisheries managers work together to develop management and harvest plans that produce the timber we need while promoting biodiversity and wildlife conservation.


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